The legacy of Integrity

There are words that are given to me by God for each season of my life either for warfare, as an encouragement or as corrections. Single words whose meaning expands more and more for me as I work with God through those seasons.
Sometimes I have had to go to the dictionary to even begin to understand them.
Words like Oscillate, Dissonance, Synergy, Alignment and words we take for granted like Unity, Total or Whole, INTEGRITY.

A lot of people understand integrity to mean maintaining a good reputation.
That is a very limited definition which is outward looking and people focused instead of inward and God focused.

To make something integral is to make it the core thing. The cornerstone. The root, the base from which the branches of your life emerge and grow. A seed is integral to the fruit. Without the seed the fruit has no existence. It is fake.

A person who has no integrity has no established unshakeable core from which they operate. The hard drive is corrupted. And no one can rely on any sort of consistency and durability in what it produces. This person cannot build a legacy for others to build on because he or she has no stable core value or base fuelling them or directing them. They have no internal management system. They get angry anyhow, eat anyhow, they are moved by sight, by popular culture and the latest fad. Every year they have a new thing they are working on which is totally unrelated to what they were working on in the previous year.

They frustrate their own endeavours. They are forever doing because they have not aligned with their being or who they really are. We first have to be human BEINGS and let our doing derive from that rather than being busy doing hoping the things we do will bring meaning to our lives.

God does not bless chaos or doubt. He blesses faith, righteousness and integrity.

Our first struggle should be an internal job. Get your thinking about yourself and God right. Let Him show you who you are. Your uniqueness, your giftings, your aptitudes, your core assignment. Let your Faith, your identity and core beliefs underlye every thing you do. Be true to yourself. Do not get involved in anything which does not in some way or shape resonate with your core self. If you live this way there will be no wastage in your life. Even in famine you will be fruitful and God will support your cause beyond your generation and the next because you will command your children after your own example.

“The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭20:7‬ ‭K


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