Crucified With Christ

Some reject Christ and the gospel for no other reason except they cannot begin to imagine living without indulging in their particular proclivities or lifestyles which are contrary to the gospel. They see it as impossible to forgive others, to let go of anger and bitterness, to not lie, steal, curse, fornicate or be adulterous. To many it will be living a lie if they tried to give up a homosexual lifestyle or alcoholism, or pornography or you name it. The thinking is that a God of love should not expect us to give up or deny ourselves of what we love.

There are yet others who choose Christ but feel like they are constantly battling to keep a set of rules to please Him which they find virtually impossible to do.

God knows that the chasm between us and Him is great and impossible to cross without a mediator, someone to take our place to do what we cannot do so we can make the transition.

Imagine the whole world is infected with cancer but there is a cure for cancer which involves receiving a blood transfusion from one person who is not infected but this process demands that you are both put under general anaesthesia and on waking your genetic coding now has the capacity to regenerate new healthy cells with all traces of cancer gone so you can begin to do and live in the way your cancer did not permit you to before. But where are we to find that one uninfected person ?

This is what God through Christ did for us. The whole world is filled with the cancer of sin ( nothing in us recognises or accepts God’s righteous ways). Our immune system has long been compromised – every single one of us. We are all infected with one strand or the other of the deadly virus called sin. No one on earth can save the other, not even your father or mother. They are dying too but it is the only way of life they have ever known too so they encourage you to plod on. Be yourself. You are just fine. But the truth is we are all infected and dying.

God so loved us each and every single one of us. He sent a heavenly donor- Jesus Christ who is not infected to come to earth as a human – one of us to show us what it is like to be sin free. He being the son of God has the capacity to take our place, to exchange our soul’s disease and infection for His purity and capacity to live above sin.

He took all our sin to the cross and died carrying them. He received our punishment and in that same transaction we received His healing and eternal life and the capacity to live above our proclivity towards sin, our bodily desires cannot rule us anymore. Their dominance over us is broken. Our old nature was crucified on the cross with Christ when He died. When He arose from death We also arose with Him to a new life.

If you have truly accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour then you are free to be all that God wants you to be. Live it out!

“And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:24‬ ‭KJV


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